Our Burial Services

The commitment to extraordinary, yet affordable, services is what the community has come to expect from the Smith family. Our goal is to provide a service that is as meaningful and unique as each family we are privileged to serve. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

There is NO fee for pre-arrangement consultation and you will NEVER be under any pressure or obligation. We will answer questions by phone, letter, e-mail, or in a face-to-face meeting, either in our funeral home or your home. Please contact us for our General Price List of services, our Casket Price List, our Burial Vault Price List, and/or our comprehensive list of various cremation services and charges. For more pre-arrangement information, including guaranteed price contracts and contracts certified irrevocable for Medicaid purposes, please visit our Pre Arrangements page.

Our Other Services

Pre-Arrangments Cremation Services
We can also be of added help to you by explaining and/or providing the following:
  • Funeral Service Payment Options
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Video Tributes and Photo Boards
  • Cemetery Markers and Lettering Service
  • Assistance when Death Occurs Outside the Port Huron Area (Including Out of State or Out of the Country)
  • Web-site Listing of Every Service Including Service Information, Church & Cemetery Directions, and On-line Guest Book for Sending Condolences
  • Wide Selection of Regular Size Urns, (Wooden, Bronze, Ceramic, Marble, or Granite) Miniature Urns, Urn-Vaults, Pendant Urns, Flag Cases, and Keepsakes
  • Obituary Preparation, Contacting Local and Out-of-Town Newspapers, and Contacting Local Radio Stations
  • Veterans Benefits and Arranging Military Honors at Funerals
  • Notification of Social Security Administration
  • Helping Relatives and Friends with Memorial Contributions
  • Speakers on Death, Grief, Funerals, Cremation at Churches, Clubs, and Service Groups
  • Personalized Memorial Folders or Holy Cards with Your Loved One's Photo; Standard, Personalized, or Engraved Acknowledgement Cards; and Personalized Register Books
  • Brochures and Pamphlets Dealing with Various Death, Grief, and Funeral Topics:
    • Losing Someone Close
    • Planning the Funeral of Someone You Love
    • Bearing the Special Grief of Suicide
    • Handling the Heartbreak When a Child Dies
    • Walking with God through Grief and Loss
    • Finding Your Way after the Death of a Spouse
    • Getting through the Annual Reminders of your Loss
    • When Death Comes Unexpectedly to Someone you Love
    • Taking the Time you Need to Grieve your Loss
    • Handling the Heartbreak when a Baby Dies
    • Handling Grief as a Man
    • Taking Care of Yourself while Grieving
    • Overcoming Loneliness after Loss
    • Getting through the Holidays when you've Lost a Loved One
    • Grieving the Loss of a Grandparent
    • Wondering if Cremation is the Right Choice
    • Losing your Mother
    • Making Funeral Arrangements in Advance
    • On the First Anniversary of your Loss
    • Losing your Dad
    • Values of the Funeral
    • A Guide to Cremation Services
    • Nursing Home Eligibility
    • A Guide to Planning Ahead
    • Talking with Your Kids about Funerals
    • Helping Children with Funerals
    • Helping Children Cope with Grief
    • Helping Teenagers Cope with Grief
    • Sad Isn't Bad
    • Helping your Family Cope when a Pet Dies
If you find any of the above-listed brochure topics of interested, let us know and we will be pleased to send them to you, with our compliments.


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